What kind of things will you find at Montana Outdoor Quest?

You will find stories, articles, and information about Montana outdoor recreation.  Links to other outdoor websites, events and activities, what to do and how to get there and maybe eventually a trading post will all be shared here.  Montana is a grand place to be.  There is an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities with adventure around every corner.

Why post notes?

Notes are a brief written record of something to help us remember, for future reference, to engage our interest or nudge us into action.  Notes do not take long to read but give us pertinent bits of information.

What is this outdoor quest thing anyway?

Well, a quest is a journey to search and find or obtain something.  A quest often requires great exertion, overcoming many obstacles, and includes travel.  You may choose to go alone or with others.  So, an outdoor quest is a journey to be outside, to experience all that nature has to offer, to learn about one’s self and others, to be spiritually fed, to become physically and mentally stronger, to overcome fear, to find excitement and exhilaration, to be renewed and energized.  Where is your journey going to take you?

Montana is a great place to play and explore.  I hope you play always, roam everywhere, be curious and take someone with you to share the adventure.

Who the heck makes the wheels turn around here and throws all this stuff together at Montana Outdoor Quest?

My name is Val.  I love to be outdoors, wandering, exploring, and participating in all kinds of recreation activities.  Activities that include, but are not limited to, eating Ice cream, playing games, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, backpacking, camping, Kayaking, fishing, hunting, geocaching, orienteering, playing disc golf, and exploring.

My love for the outdoors and recreation lead me to obtaining an Associate Degree in Outdoor Recreation Education from Ricks College and a Bachelors Degree in Recreation from the University of Idaho.

My mission as a Leisure and Recreation Professional is to encourage the pursuit of wholesome leisure and recreation opportunities by providing resources and activities that can be utilized for your over all health and vitality.

This website was established to help fulfill my professional mission, for an avenue to share outdoor adventures, and for inspiration toward your outdoor quest.

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